The Band:

Roman “Wildman” Dasek: Is Frontman rocking vocals for The Release. Roman rules his Empire with a high octane fist, and you can expect nothing less when he’s onstage. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Wildman Dasek always has his pedal to the metal.

Toni “The Dirty Greek” Gavrilovic
: Before the country lost the wallet Toni kept the cash. Knowing the answers before the questions are asked he titillates the seven strings with precision across the spectrum for all to hear. Rhythm and Lead Guitar in your mind’s eye, expect it Dirty.

DJ “The Bassit” Muir is kickin’ ass and takin’ names. He keeps the beat with a steady hand and his riffs ROCK ON!

Sean “All grown up and still waiting to be a rockstar” Mcfarling: the man behind the set; drummer extraordinaire

Chris “Effervescent” Preibe- Drummer 2017

Andy “Best Looking Drummer at Starbucks” Jackson 2015-16: The infamous Andy Jackson, the drummer who never gets caught with his pants down when his mother is in the room. Born out of wed lock to either John Bonham or Keith Moon, Andy is the rock steady rhythm and beat behind the band. Thumping tubs, sticks and skins, cigarettes and burgers, caffeine and alcohol is the perfect home brew.